Application of skid steer loader

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Application of skid steer loader

The biggest feature of the machine size is small, and can be turned in place; at the job site can quickly replace or mount a variety of work devices.

It uses mainly in the following areas.

1. Due to its minimum turning radius of less than half of that of the same level of articulated loaders, it is especially suitable for work in narrow places such as urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, workshops, warehouses, ship decks and even cabin holds.

2. The all-wheel drive, no wheel differential is conducive to undulating site operations.

3. In the job site can quickly change or mount different work devices, usually only a few minutes.

4. For large-scale construction machinery logistics support, site cleaning and closing works and other operations.

5. Can be used as a mobile pump station, hydraulic power tools for handheld hydraulic picks and other power sources.

6. Road safety can be used directly for cleaning and snow cleaning operations, with snow, deicing accessories, skidding equipment to quickly clean up a large area of snow and ice, and benefit from the mobility of the device itself, to ensure The effective equipment of a wide range of work.

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