How to choose the right leather work gloves?

- Dec 22, 2017 -

How to choose the right leather work gloves?


The wide variety of choices in leather work gloves means that there is almost always “the perfect” one for any given application. Finding a suitable glove, however, may not always seem so easy. By understanding the differences between available features, you can narrow the playing field and make an educated decision.

Follow the below steps and you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect leather glove:

Step 1: Choose a type of leather

Cowhide: Cowhide is the most common and popular type of leather used for gloves. It creates a moderately priced, comfort, durable glove with excellent abrasion resistance. It is warmer than pig or goatskin and more heat resistant.

Pigskin: Pig skin offers the greatest breathability, due to the porous texture of the hide. It becomes softer with use and withstands moisture without becoming stiff and the material can be laundered without losing its shape or function.

Also need pay attention to what part of the animal’s body the hide comes from.

Full or top grain leather comes from the external side of the hide. It is typically smooth, but can be lightly sanded or processed after tanning to feel like suede or velvet.It is suitable for drive, mining,etc...

Split leather or suede comes from the underside of the hide. it is more cheaper than grain leather, also durable .It usually be made to welding gloves.

Step 2: Choose a type of Palm

Full palm: it is only a layer leather.

Double palm: it will reinforce one more leather on the palm, increasing the durable of the gloves.

It can be chosen as per your work.If your working strength is very big,you can choose the double palm leather gloves.

The Perfect Glove

Like all personal protective equipment, gloves will wear out over time and need to be replaced, but choosing the glove most appropriate for the task will help ensure the greatest longevity and help avoid unnecessary spending.

double palm leather work gloves -3.jpg

Keep your workers protected with a reliable pair

                    of leather work gloves.                        

                                                                                            leather gloves.jpg

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