The main parts of wheel loader

- Jan 25, 2018 -

The main parts of wheel loader

Including the engine, torque converter, transmission, front and rear drive axle, referred to as the four main parts in Wheel Loader.

For more details,please kindly see blow:

1. Engine

2. It mainly has three pumps on the torque converter - working pump, steering pump, walking pump. 

    some models steering pump is also equipped with a pilot pump

3. Working hydraulic circuit, hydraulic tank, working pump,  valve, lift cylinder & dump cylinder.

4. Walking oil: transmission oil sump oil, walking pump, gear clutch.

5. Drive: drive shaft, main differential, wheel reducer.

6. Steering oil: fuel tank, steering pump, steady flow valve (or priority valve) steering gear, steering cylinder.

7. Transmission can be divided into integrated style & separated bodies.

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