Coated Gloves Non-slip, Heat, Wear

- May 25, 2017 -

Coated gloves, also known as plastic gloves or stickers, palm gloves. Anti-static products supermarket

Anti-static products supermarket

According to the performance is divided into two types: ordinary type, anti-static type.

First, ordinary type:


100% nylon and PU resin coating.

Production Method: 

In the knitted nylon gloves fingers or palm parts coated with a layer of PU resin, which not only increased the anti-skid performance and increased the insulation performance,Coated gloves is an indispensable product of precision electronic production line.


1.PU coating with acid and alkali resistance, can be effective anti-skid, to avoid falling in the crawl items, and will not leave fingerprints, improve productivity.

2. Anti-pollution, anti-skid, heat, wear, easy to absorb sweat, good ventilation.

3. Because of the very flexible, to the user feel more clothes together.

Second, anti-static type:


80% clean nylon yarn plus 20% high performance copper fiber / carbon fiber woven from;

  Fingers or palm coated PU resin.


1.PU coating with conductive resin to make the best anti-static effect, to avoid the operator's fingers directly into the electrostatic sensitive components, and can safely discharge the operator's human body electrostatic charge.

2. Has a good slip resistance, wear resistance.

3. Good air permeability, can be washed.

1. The domestic market to take the brand of the line, learning what is the brand, what is the connotation of the brand.

Brand image is an accumulation of the process, not formed overnight. Others can easily copy your quality, but it is difficult to copy your brand image. Brand can give you higher profits, more stable sales, more loyal customers.

2. Foreign markets to differentiate the line,Coated gloves seriously think about how to increase the use of value to the product, not just think of ways to reduce costs:

(1) to improve the labor insurance model, to increase the glove touch and dexterity.

(2) to buy a wear test machine, so that the production of wear-resistant grade as a production standard, not just according to the latex content to determine the price. One of the ways in which a factory can be used is to determine the price based on the wear resistance level, by which a large number of competitors can be excluded.

(3) the development of foreign agents, to promote the factory's own brand.

(4) put energy into the production and improvement of special varieties of gloves, such as frosted gloves, ultra-fine foam, etc., because these special varieties in a few years later with the economic development into a direction,

(5) try to develop new products. New products are not just new, more importantly, he can give the end user a unique use value.

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