Cotton Gloves Use A Wider Range

- May 25, 2017 -

First, the difference between cotton gloves, scarves, suede

First cotton gloves equivalent to about 2000 head of sandpaper, scarves equivalent to about 4000 heads, suede equivalent to about 5000 heads, this analogy is relatively accurate. Cotton gloves - scarves - suede, step by step, of course, this order is not rigid, the individual can be flexible use, cotton gloves can be directly on the suede, cotton gloves can also be used after the scarf, cotton gloves can always In the end until the formation of pulp. The reason why cotton gloves are always in use, because the beads or wood just started, the first thing to do is to clean the surface of the wax layer and dirty things and re-polishing, even if the beads or wood produced without waxing or polishing very good , But also take into account the situation before the red sandalwood, dyed cotton gloves than the dye with a scarf with suede strong bar.

Second, cotton gloves, scarves, suede these materials how to choose, how to use, the use of the trick

1, cotton gloves

1.1, the type and choice of cotton gloves: the market common "cotton gloves", according to different materials, generally divided into cotton, polyester, polyester, in fact, can be used, I tend to cotton gloves, cotton With the difference between polyester is a natural fiber, soft texture, feel comfortable; one is the chemical fiber material, will be static, long-term skin friction with the body is also easy to cause sensitive skin allergic symptoms. Generally experienced friends, get started to know whether it is cotton, if not sure, there is a simple way - burn, pull from the gloves on the broken thread (note not to use the suture part, the majority of sutures with polyester) or Simply cut from the following useless place to cut a little cloth down to burn, as an embossed no rub is cotton, burned into a hard group is polyester.

In addition, some friends also mentioned with a rubbing towel to wax to dirty, I feel as far as possible do not use, you can consider the use of cotton and cotton gloves with the replacement, is the kind of car repair wear, the effect is very good.

1.2, the use of cotton gloves Tips: it is estimated that many friends will have this puzzle, the summer play when the disk, do not say empty hand plate, is wearing a glove plate, gloves will also be wet, blowing air conditioning is useless , The body cold, the hands still sweat, and rosewood this wood, tired of oil afraid of water, did not form a certain pulp before the pulp, try not to let too much of their sweat on the play of the latter part of the product phase impact, I It is sweat, but also by this kind of trouble, but since it has, all the troubles are vanished, it is what stuff? - "Medical disposable film gloves" debut! Yes, it is! Wear it first, and then wear cotton gloves, no matter how long the hot days, regardless of whether the hands sweat, no problem. Some friends may have said, wearing this film gloves, airtight will be very uncomfortable, the world everything is difficult, I think, so do, uncomfortable hand, happy is the heart.

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