Forklift Sliding Flexible And Smooth

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Forklift truck with the maintenance and technical requirements

 First, with a frame and guide wheel frame. The forklift's frame and guide wheel should be intact without cracks, with the forklift mast with a good, able to slide in the mast flexible, smooth, and no jamming phenomenon. The guide surface of the guide wheel should be smooth and smooth so that the fork can move smoothly and reliably. The fork should have sufficient strength and rigidity, and with the guide frame beam with good. The forklift frame should normally be fitted with a flat guard frame and remain completely free of deformation. Mast and tilt cylinder and forklift frame should be connected firmly, with good, reliable, flexible rotation.

Second, forklift mast. Forklift mast is a kind of forklift, forklift mast is generally used in overlapping structure. Inside and outside the mast should be with a good, flexible sliding, no jamming phenomenon. Should be no cracks, should not have the impact of strength, rigidity of the defects, deformation should not exceed the design allowable value. Mast has no deformation and weld desoldering phenomenon, the inner mast and the outer mast, with a frame and the inner mast corresponding to the good without jamming. Roller rotation should be flexible, roller and shaft should be no cracks, defects, wheel groove wear and tear shall not be greater than the original size of 10%. Two lifting chain tension should be uniform, not twisted deformation, the end of the connection should be strong; link pin and the hole with the gap should not be too large. Sprocket rotation should be flexible, groove depth does not exceed the original size of 0.5mm; with a frame without a serious deformation, weld welding phenomenon.

Third, forklift-oriented pulley frame. The guide pulley frame should be installed correctly and firmly, and the pulley and pulley shaft should be free of cracks and defects. Wheel groove wear shall not exceed 10% of the original design thickness, and its associated with the pulley frame should be moderate to make the pulley flexible rotation is appropriate. The chain specification model should meet the design requirements. The link plate and shaft should be free of cracks and deformation, and keep the drive flexible and reliable.

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