Forklift To Ensure The Safety Of Driving, Handling Stability

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Tires are one of the most important components on forklift:

Support the full weight of the vehicle, bear the forklift load, and pass the other direction of the force and torque;

The transmission of traction and braking torque to ensure that the wheel and the road between the good adhesion to improve the forklift's power, braking and through; and forklift suspension common to ease the impact of forklift driving, and attenuation The resulting vibration;

To prevent the truck parts from severe vibration and early damage to meet the low-speed performance of vehicles and reduce the noise when driving to ensure the safety of driving, handling stability, comfort and energy economy;

Why use solid tires?

First, the excellent use of safe performance, help to improve work efficiency

Because the solid tire carcass for the whole rubber composition, to maximize the tire to ensure the puncture resistance, from the fundamental elimination of industrial vehicles in the load and operation process and in the harsh operating environment of the tire piercing hidden dangers. Solid tire load - deformation of small, stable operation, because of its resistance to stab resistance tear, no inflatable, to avoid the frequent tire tires for heavy labor, can improve vehicle utilization and efficiency, in the low-speed, efficient operation Vehicles, solid tires can replace pneumatic tires.

Second, a reasonable structural design, to ensure that the tire has a good performance

Solid tires using advanced three-stage structure design, three kinds of rubber were to ensure the overall performance of the tire. High rigidity, high strength base rubber and steel ring support, both to ensure the tire is quite good, but also to ensure that the tire and the rim of the tightness, and fundamentally eliminate the solid tire lubrication problem; high elastic intermediate glue, effectively To absorb the vibration generated when the vehicle is running, with a comfortable ride, while avoiding the damage to the vehicle; thick tread rubber layer to ensure that the tire tear-resistant wear and tear performance, improve the life of solid tires;

Third, advanced technology and formula design

The production of solid tires With more than half a century of production history and experience of advanced technology in the rubber formula design to maximize the use of tire performance, especially the base of all the use of foreign imports of high rigidity, low heat rubber, tires In the run-time heat and temperature rise to a minimum, while improving the tire's heat resistance, thus solving the solid tires due to temperature rise caused by swelling, slip ring, burst and other serious problems; advanced formula design and reduce the tire The rolling resistance. By the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center testing, solid tire rolling resistance coefficient and pneumatic tires quite, so to solve the use of solid tires to bring the fuel consumption problems;

Fourth, to avoid vehicle tire puncture, there is danger of out of control, and promote safe production

Pneumatic Tire Rim Tires are solid tires that can be used interchangeably with the same type of pneumatic tires. When the vehicle is traveling at high speed, such as tire craters and other obstructions can cause severe crush deformation between the obstacle and the rim flange, which can cause the carcass curtain to break and the compressed air inside the tire Line at the top of the formation of drum package. More serious, it will cause the tire impact rupture, instantly completely discouraged and may be out of danger of vehicle out of control. Compared with pneumatic tires, it has the advantages of high safety, puncture resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance and long life. It is the ideal replacement product of pneumatic tire in the field of industrial vehicle. With the development of industrial vehicles and solid tire production technology to improve, this tire is more and more widely used.

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