Leather Gloves Maintenance Is Important

- May 25, 2017 -

Leather gloves afraid of several conditions:

(A) avoid water: leather fiber with water will swell, soft, so that gloves deformation.

(2) bogey: glove damp, should be placed in a ventilated place, so that the water as soon as possible volatilization, avoid exposure or fire baking, to prevent leather hardening brittle crack.

(3) avoid pollution: clean wipe gloves, you should first use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the dust, and then coated with maintenance oil.

(D) bogey pressure: the leather gloves will make the elastic surface of the damage, the appearance of modeling is also affected. The above is not only the situation of leather gloves, but also applies to all leather products. Of course, if you accidentally encounter these conditions, how do you deal with, please see the following description.

Leather gloves accidentally stained with water should be gently wiped with soft cloth, placed in a ventilated place to dry, not baking and exposure, otherwise the leather will be damaged, hardened, after handling the gloves remember to keep the oil, you can make gloves Restore gloss and softness.

Placement of leather gloves:

Leather gloves placed custody, should first rub on the maintenance of oil (do not use shoes shoes), can be put in the lining of some anti-mildew moisture-proof agent, and then placed in the plastic bag to avoid dust, the collection of cool and dry not squeeze the place Can be. Leather gloves set aside for a long time,Leather Gloves the days of leather will become hard, but also easy to damage, you need to always wipe, each time only a thin layer can be, so that the gloves to maintain a certain hardness and shape, Very comfortable.

Gloves must use special oil?

In fact, it is not necessary, the general maintenance can use sheep oil, baby oil, and even petrolatum to replace, because good and cheap, but the need to clean, you must use a dedicated clean leather containing oil, gloves can be said to be Knight's first layer of skin, all to be good to treat their own gloves, keep it at all times to keep your hands.

We ride to meet the rain, gloves,Leather Gloves wet wet how to do? Leather products must be immediately treated after wet, dry towel to absorb water, and then placed in a well ventilated place dry, do not sun or baking with hot air, otherwise the leather will be damaged, hardened, after handling the gloves remember On the maintenance of oil, you can make gloves to restore luster and softness.

The dirt on the hands of sweat is generally sweat secretions, liquid pigment pollution, a variety of oil pollution and other types of pollution sources, of which the more difficult is the liquid pollution source, because the molecules are small, easy to penetrate into the leather fiber, even immediately wipe can not stop Has been penetrating liquid pollution, the general treatment is to use a dry cloth to wipe the net, and other sources of pollution after drying, and then clean the effect of cleaning oil wipe, as the treatment of oil,Leather Gloves is also used to clean the effect of maintenance oil treatment, and liquid pollution The difference is that there is no need for other sources of drying. It should be noted that if the use of such cleaning effect of the maintenance of oil, you should first do not be sensitive to the first test to avoid the cause of gloves fade problem, affecting the external appearance.

In addition to the appearance of the stain, the leather gloves inside because of direct contact with the hand, it is easy to stain the sweat secretions, if placed not dealt with, it is easy to make gloves smelly moldy, Water, about 50% of the proportion of the mixture,Leather Gloves fully wiped inside the gloves, and then placed ventilated air; if the stinky gloves can be added to the proportion of high precision, but do not use industrial precision, because the industry will cause gloves Fade and cortical damage.

If the gloves do not use to be collected, you should first rub on the maintenance of oil, on the plastic bag and then collect, in order to avoid dust, storage place as long as not be squeezed to, but also should not be placed in the wet, Too low place. Collection of unused gloves is best to use the last time and oil the same time,Leather Gloves as long as wiping a thin layer, because the gloves do not have to put on the oil, the weather is long, the leather will harden, but also easy to damage. Also pay attention to the oil should not be deliberately on the point of maintenance of the oil to soften the gloves, so that the gloves to maintain a certain degree of hardness and shape, so riding a motorcycle handle handle will feel very comfortable.

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