Leather Gloves Prevent Dry Leather To Keep Bright Luster

- Oct 30, 2017 -

How to clean leather gloves?

If you mistakenly use a coarse-grained detergent, powdered detergent, or organic cleaning solution, the leather will be damaged to varying degrees.

Generally speaking, the daily cleaning and maintenance with a mild soap solution is enough (with a dishcloth wet and wipe then become, do not soak the leather soak in the water cleaning). The leather detergent found on the market is also very good, and contains lubricants, can maintain the softness of the leather itself. Stubborn dirt may need to be treated with a mild cleanser, which is recommended for professional cleaning.

If the leather has wear and tear, can be coated with not greasy colorless leather maintenance cream, let it slowly penetrate, and then with a clean and soft cloth polishing, can make leather reproduce bright luster, can also prevent leather drying.

How do you care for wear?

Even the most beautiful gloves will not be put aside for people to watch, we also need them every day: simple such as the daily necessities, and accompany us to go through the world's journey, so whether it is leather shoes, leather ornaments, purses, travel bags, leather gloves and so will wear. Here are some of the most common examples of leather damage and how to handle it.

Wet area, leather gloves if not used for a period of time plus no maintenance oil, it is easy to mold, the gloves if moldy can be a soft dry cloth to the moldy part of the clean, if the situation is serious, you can use a clean towel with half a dry wet wipe the stain first clean, then put the gloves in the ventilated place, let it dry.

After the wind dried, can be in the epidermis (general anti-skin parts do not apply) to the surface of some leather maintenance oil, both leather gloves can be maintained, but also has a two degree of cleaning effect, but if you are very cherish your brand-name gloves, recommended to send to the professional care center, is the most valuable method.

We had a ride in the rain and the gloves were wet in the rain.

Skin products must be treated immediately after soaking wet, with dry towel to absorb water, and then placed in good ventilation dry, must not bask in the sun or baked with hot air, otherwise the leather will be damaged, hardened, after handling the gloves remember to maintain oil, can let the gloves restore luster and softness.

The dirt of the leather glove usually has the sweat secretion, the liquid pigment pollution, a variety of oil and other three kinds of pollution sources, of which the more intractable is the liquid pollution, due to small molecules, easy to penetrate into the leather fiber, even if immediately wipe can not prevent the infiltration of liquid pollution, the general treatment is the first use of dry cloth to clean, and other sources dry after drying, The use of cleaning effect of the maintenance oil to wipe, to the treatment of oil pollution, is also used to contain cleaning effect of the maintenance of oil treatment, and liquid pollution is not required to wait for dry source of pollution. It should be noted that if the use of such a cleaning effect of the maintenance of oil, should first be in the not obvious place to do sensitive testing to avoid the problem of gloves fade, affecting the external appearance.

In addition to the appearance of stain, the leather glove inside because of direct contact with the hand, it is easy to get on the sweat secretion, if not handled, it is easy to make the gloves stink mildew, treatment is the use of cotton balls dipped in medicinal alcohol and water each about 50% proportion of the mixture, fully in the glove inside wipe, and then place the ventilation dry If already smelly gloves can raise the proportion of alcohol, but do not use industrial alcohol, because industrial alcohol can cause gloves fade and cortex damage.

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