PU Coated Gloves Antistatic Material

- Jul 18, 2017 -

PU Coated Gloves long fiber polyester nylon woven into the copper wire conductive fiber / carbon wire anti-static fiber, so that gloves have non-sticky skin effect. Suppression of static electricity to prevent the bottom of the potential with fine dust, keep clean Comfortable working environment; fingertip PU coating can effectively prevent anti-skid leakage, so that the work relaxed and comfortable. Nail side of the circular rubber can prevent the oppression of the fingertips; breathable, long time operation is not hot.

PU anti-static anti-static gloves Performance: conductive, surface resistance: 103-105Ω. Anti-static, surface resistance: 106-108Ω. PU painted finger anti-static gloves

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Anti-static PU refers to the main purpose of gloves: weak current, precision instrument assembly and a variety of research institutions inspection works. Static separation of tiny dust, dustless weaving live. 100 ~ 1000 clean room clean room. Anti-static coating PU refers to the glove performance: conductive, surface resistance: 103-105Ω. Anti-static, surface resistance: 106-108Ω.

Anti-static gloves and other anti-static products can be anti-static because of the use of antistatic materials in which the majority of commercial antistatic materials is the production process of most of the material is antistatic material materials, it was called anti-static material. They have three different types:

(1) Surface treatment by antistatic agent.

(2) the synthesis of antistatic agent mixed with the surface of the formation of anti-static film material.

(3) itself has antistatic materials.

PU Coated Gloves with its excellent material 100% nylon plus South Korea imported carbon fiber conductive yarn. Palm and fingertips soaked PU resin, so has a very good anti-static effect. In addition, PU Coated Gloves also have anti-skid, anti-oil, wear, sweat, breathable, dust-free, PU part of the tasteless, soft, long life, reusable and many other advantages for the winter work better Protect your hands.

(1) First of all, should understand the protection of labor and different types of gloves protection and the use of requirements, so that the correct choice in the operation, must not be used in general occasions with gloves as some special gloves. Such as cotton gloves, chemical fiber gloves, etc. as anti-vibration gloves to use, the effect is poor.

(2) in the use of insulated gloves, you should first check the appearance, such as the surface found holes, cracks, etc. should stop using.

Insulated gloves after use, according to the relevant provisions of preservation, to prevent aging caused by reduced insulation performance. After a period of time should be re-examination, qualified before use. When used to pay attention to product classification color, like 1kV gloves for the red, 7.5kV white, 17kV yellow.

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