Safety Shoes To Prevent Electrostatic Performance

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Section 1 Maintenance of safety shoes

Safety shoes should be maintained in good condition, and to regularly check, if found to wear or deterioration of the phenomenon, it should be discarded. Shoelaces should always check, if necessary, should be replaced. If an object pierces into the soles, it must be removed. The suture should check for loose, worn or broken. For the newly purchased safety shoes on the upper part of the silicone coating or spray protection wax will be able to promote moisture protection function.

Section II safety shoes should pay attention to matters

First, the shoes have a rest day. A pair of shoes to wear every day, as rain shoes to wear more durable, and preserved in a dry place.

Second, the new product, that is, to be refurbished, the day of stains (oil, etc.) to the day to clear, at the same time to prevent damage or pollution, and in the new shoes to wipe the skin.

Third, to supply water, leather moisture will become hard, life will be shortened, to always rub oil and so on to supply water.

Fourth, when wet to dry. The most important thing about leather is not to let it wet. If you get wet, dry in a well-ventilated place, rub on oil or shoe polish.

5, when sharing a pair of safety shoes, the safety shoes should be regularly disinfected, clean, so as not to spread the disease.

Six, when wearing too tight and too heavy safety shoes, easy to make the feet of mold such as Hong Kong feet.

7, to prevent static with safety shoes, work shoes should pay attention to the following matters:

(A) the floor surface of the leakage resistance is very large (1010Ω or more), can not expect to prevent electrostatic performance.

(B) the soles are attached with insulating material (such as paint, plastic, etc.), can not expect to prevent static electricity.

(C) to prevent the body with static electricity for the purpose, can not contact with the power sector.

(D) after wearing a suitable period of time must be in accordance with the Chinese national standard standard test method to confirm that it still has to prevent static function.

(5) In order to prevent static electricity from being protected from static electricity, it is necessary to alter the internal structure and use the insulation insoles.

(6) have to wear too thick socks.

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