Skid Loader Machine Maintenance And Maintenance

- Aug 08, 2017 -

The first thing to do is put the oil, of course, if it is just finished maintenance, the engine temperature is high, directly put the oil can be. If the equipment is in a state of time does not run, you can throttle to allow the device to run for a period of time and other temperature rise and then flameout for maintenance. High temperature, the oil will flow faster, put the machine when the machine filter to filter,Skid Loader you can also open the top of the engine oil tank lid open, so that air circulation, speed up the oil outflow, save time.

Put the oil is not a matter of minutes, when the oil, you can start other steps.

And then replace the air filter, air filter should be considered relatively simple, and first remove the old air filter, you can use the waste cloth to wipe the dust around the circle, clockwise rotation into it.

And then replace the diesel filter,Skid Loader  here should pay attention to the arrow down, do not get against.

Then replace the oil-water separator and turn it counterclockwise according to the arrow. Remember to change the oil and water separator filled with diesel, the air emptying, to avoid after the pump oil.

Finally, so the oil finished, and then tighten the plug, the machine filter filled with oil, from the fuel tank into the new oil, according to the scale on the scale can be added to the appropriate level.

Daily check

The first step is to note that the daily inspection of the loader after the work of the loader, when the skid steer from the workplace back after the need for thorough cleaning, so you can more easily see the skid loader may be a potential problem The Each skid loader at the time of purchase, the agent will be accompanied by the maintenance schedule of the machine, the following Case and tire crawler-type skid steer loader, take a look at the different stages of the skid loader Which maintenance items. Including daily, weekly, monthly and annual machine maintenance and maintenance, these daily maintenance is very important, but often easy to be ignored by the user.

daily work

Every day before starting the engine: 1. Check the locomotive for leaks. 2. Check tire conditions and pressure conditions. 3. Inspect the locomotive, equipment and work unit for wear, damage, or missing parts. 4. Check the locomotive, especially the radiator and the engine area near the debris, to ensure that these areas are clean. 5. Clean or replace the safety signs that can not be seen. 6. Clean the steps, handrails and cabs to clear all loose objects in the cab. 7. See Maintenance Lubrication Chart to complete all items within 10 hours.

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