Skid Loader Powerful Features And Flexible Features

- Jul 07, 2017 -

The Skid Loader is known for its versatility, and the tree is one of them.

The tree is equipped with hydraulic cylinder with valve block drive, divided into three petals and four petals two. The main role is to 120 meters below the diameter of the saplings dug from one place to another place, relative to the efficiency of artificial digging machine increased by several times. In the context of China's aging population, the cost of the machine will be higher and higher.

Move the trees on both sides of the tree through the cylinder to open, so that the tree can enter the circle of embracing, in place on both sides of the semicircle close, the tree is located in the middle of four (three) blade. Move the tree to cover the ground down against the ground, the front wheel to the front of the gravity as far as possible in the tree on the tree. The advantage of doing so is to avoid the knife cut into the soil too much resistance can not shovel in place. Under the shovel can not be a number of blade at the same time cut, can not cut directly in the end knife, so that the tree will be drifting and injury seedlings. Under the shovel in accordance with a certain direction followed by one-third cut, divided into three laps cut in the end. If the soil is soft or too appropriate to adjust. But the tree is not a panacea, a lot of gravel hard soil recommended careful operation, to avoid damage to the tree.

Cut in place after the transfer of seedlings. Shrimp transplant site is not far from the words can be transported directly from the shrimp to the designated tree pit, the blade to recover, open the tree on both sides of the tree can be semi-circular. The tree pit used for planting trees can also be pulled out with a tree.

If you move the tree away from the distance, you can order a bamboo weaving round table type basket, shaped like four blades cut off the soil. Put the basket on the ground, move the tree cone to the basket to withdraw the blade, to transplant the seedlings on the packaging inside the bamboo baskets. Can be transported by car, forklift. There is also a benefit is the bamboo baskets cheap, bamboo baskets transplanted to the tree pit which does not need to be recycled directly with the trees and buried together, the root can drill their own later, bamboo will be corroded their own, the entire transplant process is almost fixed Soil inside the ball, the damage to the sapling to a minimum, very convenient.

Skid steer loaders are increasingly popular with their powerful features and flexible features.

Foreign skid steer loader application market is mainly small-scale construction sites, farms and manor, etc., while the domestic market is more concentrated in the shipyard, ports, roads, municipal and other units. But with the acceleration of urbanization in China, skid steerers are gradually being recognized by more companies.

Here we take the Bobcats Skid Loader as an example, to see the skid steer loader in China's major industry applications:

Skid steer loader and its accessories, by virtue of multi-functional, efficient, flexible, not damage the road and other characteristics, leading the new trend of environmental protection, has been the road in addition to snow and snow machinery, landscaping machinery of choice.

    Snow can be sown, snow, snow, ice, snow loading, shoveling; greening can be sowing, rotary tillage, mowing, wood, digging, ditching, laser leveling, land regulation, gripping 。

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