Skid Loader Small Footprint, Flexible Response, Strong Function

- Oct 19, 2017 -

The Skid Loader is known for its variety of functions, and the tree-moving function is one of them.

The displacement tree is driven by a hydraulic cylinder combined with a valve block, which is divided into three-lobe and four-lobe. The main role is to transplant seedlings below 120 mm in diameter from one place to another, dozens of times times more efficient than manual digging. In the background of China's aging with the rising cost of manpower, the price of the machine will be higher than ever.

Move the tree on both sides of the tree when the half semicircle through the oil cylinder open, so that the tree rod can enter the encircle circle, in place after the two sides semicircular closure, the tree rod is located in the middle of four (three) shovel knives. The moving tree is flattened to withstand the downward pressure of the ground, leaving the front end of gravity as far as possible on the tree-moving machine. The advantage of this is to avoid the knife into the soil resistance too large to shovel in place. The shovel can not be more than one blade at the same time cut, also can not be cut to the end of the knife directly, so as to avoid the transfer tree machine squeeze partial injury and seedlings. Under the shovel in a certain direction in order to cut One-third, divided into three laps to cut the end. If the soil is soft or perfect, adjust as appropriate. But the tree-moving machine is not omnipotent, a large number of gravel hard soil suggests careful operation to avoid damage to the tree-moving machine.

After the cut in place can transfer seedlings. The transplant location is not far from the tree can be directly transported by sliding seedlings to the designated pit, the blade back, open the two sides of the tree machine can be. (The tree pits used for planting trees can also be pulled out in advance with a tree-moving machine.) )

If you move the tree away from the distance, you can order a bamboo strip woven round Table type basket, shaped like four blades cut off the clod. Put the basket on the ground, the tree machine cone to face the basket to withdraw the blade, the transplanted seedlings are packaged in bamboo inside. Can be transported by car, forklift truck. Another advantage is that bamboo is cheap, bamboo transplant to the tree pits do not need to be recycled directly and seedlings can be buried together, roots can be dug out of their own, bamboo will rot, the whole transplant process is almost motionless and soil inside the ball, the damage to the smallest seedlings, very convenient.

Slip loader, also known as Skid Loader, multi-function engineering vehicle, multi-function construction machine, is a kind of wheel-type special-purpose chassis equipment, which utilizes the difference of speed between two wheels to realize the steering of vehicles. It is mainly used in the fields of narrow operation, uneven ground, frequent change of work content, suitable for infrastructure construction, industrial application, dock loading and unloading, urban street, residential, barn, Animal House, airport runway, etc., and also can be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale construction machinery.

The slip loader is known for its small footprint, flexible response and powerful function. Although it is popular internationally, it is poorly understood at home. Along with the national environmental protection cause unceasing advancement and the person to the high efficiency work, the pursuit of the cost-effective, the slip loader's strength also day prominent. At present, the most well-known in the world is the Bobcat Skid Loader, today take this as an example, with the understanding of the strong Skid Loader in the construction industry part of the application.

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