String Knit Gloves Improve Wear Resistance, Anti-skid, Waterproof Performance

- Jul 18, 2017 -

String Knit Gloves are also our decorations, beauty people no less

Cold weather struck, the weather suddenly cold. In addition to the increase in the hat, this time can not forget to protect your delicate hands. Add a pair of style full of String Knit Gloves, both elegant, and playful, is not a good choice?

Throughout 2010 autumn and winter of the T stage, we are familiar with the wool String Knit Gloves with clothing, wearing a big look but very kind. In the last year swept the market's ultra-short String Knit Gloves this year seems to have the meaning of low tide, but the black classic models can still wild any clothing, you do not have to rush to throw away, long section of the String Knit Gloves are no longer elegant maiden exclusive, beautiful youth Of the little girl is still able to find suitable for their style this year; if you are "arctic constitution", then abandon the beautiful appearance of it, thick "bear" String Knit Gloves absolutely give you warm; of course, Funny designer There is no lack of "variation" is not practical to develop a highly ornamental String Knit Gloves.

String Knit Gloves are the best companions in winter, for your double take warmth. So how can the winter lack it? In the street we can see all kinds of String Knit Gloves, look like what look good, then learn how to weave the String Knit Gloves together!

String Knit Gloves in accordance with the production method is divided into two categories of sewing and knitting. String Knit Gloves with a variety of leather, knitted fabric or woven fabric cut from sewing. Knitted String Knit Gloves with a variety of textile fiber pure spinning or blended yarn, knitted in the glove machine, the sewing processing, such as clamping, the mouth, sewing fingertips and fork, etc., and then after brushed or velvet, heat setting Finishing products. Knitted String Knit Gloves are knitted String Knit Gloves, rib, ribs, leno, etc., fancy and yarn-dyed jacquard and so on. Labor protection String Knit Gloves require more solid, and some through the surface coating treatment to improve wear resistance, anti-skid, waterproof performance. Decorative String Knit Gloves require aesthetics, mostly through embroidery, Dingzhu and other art processing.

The safety of String Knit Gloves is important

Occupational health more and more people's attention, on the one hand, China's labor contract law Article 42 provides that workers engaged in occupational hazards work without pre-departure occupational health checks, or suspected occupational diseases in the diagnosis or medical observation During the period, the employing unit shall not terminate the labor contract in accordance with the provisions of Article 40 and Article 41 of this Law.

On the other hand, Article 32 of the Occupational Disease Prevention Law stipulates that the employer shall, in accordance with the provisions of the administrative department of public health of the State Council, organize the occupational health check before, during and after the leave, And the results of the inspection truthfully tell the workers.

1. Chemical factors

(1) the production of toxic substances produced in the process, the existence of the working environment in the air of chemical substances known as the production of toxic substances. Some for the raw materials, some for the intermediate products, some for the product. Common are chlorine, ammonia and other irritating gases, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other asphyxiating gases, lead, mercury and other metal poison, benzene, carbon disulfide and other organic solvents.

(2) produced by the production of dust in the production process, a long time suspended in the production of ambient air in the solid particles, known as the production of dust. Such as silica dust, talc dust, welding dust, asbestos dust, PVC dust, glass fiber dust, acrylic fiber dust and so on.

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