Wheel Loader Improve The Bearing And The Life Of The Seals

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Wheel loader in the case of uninterrupted operation, it is easy to ignore the various parts of the joints to lubricate, do not want to suspend the operation to oil, the result is often the energy consumption of each joint position, the temperature is high, resulting in serious surface wear, And excessive wear and tear to the loader lost the original accuracy, resulting in vibration or noise, seriously shortening the life of the machine. Selection of dry oil for centralized lubrication can greatly reduce the friction of the equipment running to improve the bearing and the life of the seals, thereby reducing maintenance and maintenance costs.

Composition and Characteristics of Lubrication System for Wheel Loader

1.1 Wheel loader lubrication system

The mechanical lubrication system consists of lubrication pump, distributor and pipeline components, control system composed of four parts, as shown in Figure 1 below. The main role of the lubrication pump is to provide the motor, controller and oil storage and other power required for the lubrication medium; distributor of the main role is to distribute the lubrication medium according to demand, there are progressive, non-progressive two forms; Contact the lubrication pump, distribution components, etc., the lubrication medium to a different lubrication point, mainly composed of three parts: flexible hose, rigid pipe or pipe joints; control system can control the lubrication pump to make it In accordance with the requirements of the cycle of work, control the lubrication pump and the system boot, shutdown time, the system pressure, oil tanker liquid position for timely monitoring, and can alarm, timely display of the system work. Mainly by the level switch, electronic program controller and the pressure switch and other components.

1.2 Characteristics of lubrication system

First of all, 992G wheel loader lubrication system can meet the external environmental requirements, the adaptation temperature range of about 35 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ or so, in accordance with the requirements of the user timely control, to the timing, quantitative lubrication point into the purpose of lubricating oil. The control system can be designed as automatic control, manual control of two modes, automatic control is mainly based on the equipment working hours, frequency of operation, the amount of equipment to control the amount of oil injection; manual control is mainly by the operator according to equipment maintenance requirements Control lubrication. Second, the lubrication system itself has a certain automatic diagnostic function, you can quickly find the system appears a variety of failures, automatic storage. The system uses a sealed, filter device, to ensure that the lubrication system to transport the grease is clean, to prevent the external environment of dust, moisture and other invasive pollution, thereby reducing the lubrication effect. But also effectively prevent the seal is not strict due to lubricant leakage, the possibility of pollution of the external environment. Finally, the main components of the lubrication system, such as pumps, filters and other combinations together, very standard, and the occupying area is small, it is easy to maintain, repair, modify, and thus reduce equipment maintenance costs. In addition, the lubrication system can also be installed cooling, preheating and other devices to ensure that the lubrication system requires the appropriate temperature of the lubricant.

Reconstruction Scheme of Lubrication System for Wheel Loader

First of all, the design of progressive program, according to the progressive work principle, through the plunger pump to the lubricant from the distributor to the lubrication point, and then regularly quantitative for the system to provide lubricants to ensure high-pressure bearing lubrication. Progressive lubrication system is mainly composed of lubrication pump, pipe accessories, control parts and progressive way of the distributor, the specific oil injection is the distributor within the plunger diameter, the work of the decision. And the oil action is in accordance with the order, when the plunger to promote a row of oil to reach a certain position, just start the next plunger of the oil, so if a point of oil is blocked, the back of the action is difficult to normal , The dispenser will also suspend work. According to this feature can be installed in the distributor above the trip switch to monitor the operation of the entire system and timely troubleshooting. But the main drawback is that once a location failure, it will lead to the entire lubrication system paralysis.

Second, the transformation of automatic dry oil lubrication system to ensure that in a variety of operating conditions, can be accurate to the various lubrication points to provide high-pressure grease, so that equipment in the work process can automatically grease lubrication, and lubrication Timely monitoring. Automatic dry oil centralized lubrication system is mainly composed of oil separator, pipeline and pipeline components, lubrication pump and the controller, the system can not be the fuel supply distance, bearing back pressure control, the timing of multiple lubrication points automatically Dry oil lubrication. In addition to the front and rear drive shaft above the six dry oil lubrication point, the remaining lubrication point can be achieved automatic dry oil centralized lubrication. However, in the lubrication process need to pay attention to the use of 0 # or 00 # anti-extreme pressure lithium grease, timely pump exhaust, in order to avoid poor oil supply bad phenomenon. Observe the pump began to run the work, the electronic indicator light green light will be careful to observe the dispenser of the micro switch instructions, if the micro switch indicates the switch is changing, that work is normal, on the contrary, then there are abnormal circumstances, need Check whether there is a gas in the pipeline, and once the gas is found to be drained at the first time. If the warning light on the indicator is lit, it indicates that some lubrication points in the automatic lubrication system should be checked immediately. Press and hold the reset switch and restart the pump.

Finally, to enhance the management of wheel loader lubrication, good clean lubrication management, improve the lubrication system is the primary job is to do a good job cleaning. Online equipment for the first time the replacement of new oil, to completely clean the original oil or other foreign body, to prevent the two kinds of oil additives between the chemical reaction, resulting in deterioration of oil. For the improved lubrication system, be sure to do the new spare parts cleaning steps, as far as possible for pickling, especially before the installation point to install, to thoroughly clean the system, can not be installed during the process of debris into the lubrication position , The equipment replacement oil change and after the transformation to be tested, acceptance cleaning and lubrication work. In addition, when the wheel loader lubricating oil upgrade management is completed, to properly extend the lubrication cycle, the equipment point, lubricants every month to conduct regular sampling checks, slowly from regular refueling into the quality of oil. The oil change cycle needs to be based on the wheel loader engine instructions on the regular oil change, but also can refer to the engine chronograph, technical overview and fuel consumption and other related data to determine.

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