Wheel Loader Improve The Efficiency Of The Important Aspects

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Wheel Loader on the hydraulic steering system, it seems simple operation, and turn the steering wheel, according to the proportion of the amount of oil to carry the operation of the principle of operation is not difficult to understand. But this small accessories in order to meet the good hand, but need to meet a lot of necessary conditions. Steering system has great influence on the mechanical performance. A good steering system is not only an important factor to ensure safe driving, but also an important aspect of reducing the labor intensity of the operator and improving the working efficiency.

There are several points that need to be met when the Wheel Loader is turned to the system. The wheel Wheel Loader turns to the correct movement. It is necessary to design a reasonable steering trapezoidal structure to ensure that the two sides of the steering wheel in the steering without a sliding phenomenon. As far as possible to increase the inside of the maximum deflection angle to turn to reduce the minimum mechanical steering radius, improve the mechanical mobility. And the reliability of the work is also necessary, the steering system on the wheel Wheel Loader driving a great relationship, therefore, its parts should have sufficient strength, stiffness and life, generally through a reasonable choice of materials and structure to ensure. Followed by the operation is light, and turn the steering wheel of the operating force should be as small as possible to reduce the operating strength of the operator, more conducive to safe work. In addition, the steering wheel should be a sense of road; steering wheel should be automatically back to positive. The adjustment of the steering system should be as small and simple as possible, which is more suitable for hand operation and use.

    Said here we have to mention what we Wheel Loader in normal operation when the common fault. Wheel Loader is used in the flow of amplification steering system, by the priority flow amplifier valve and full hydraulic steering gear. Generally turned heavy there are two cases, one is the steering wheel turn heavy, the other is the steering wheel rotation flexibility, and the whole turn heavy.

  Steering wheel rotation is generally caused by a pilot system failure. Should check the pilot system pressure, pipe connections and pipe joints, etc. whether there is a problem.

  Steering wheel rotation is flexible, and the whole machine turned heavy, usually caused by steering system failure, should check the pipeline connection, suction line, steering system pressure, fuel tank, etc. whether there is a problem.

    A qualified steering system can reduce the amount of work done by the machine, so choosing a reliable and reliable steering gear will have a positive impact on our work and what we need.

Will load the road to repair the road, you can improve work efficiency, reduce mechanical wear and tear, save fuel, reduce driver fatigue, safe construction and so on.

When the Wheel Loader starts, but can not walk, in the absence of any abnormal sound conditions, first check the transmission pressure, if no pressure should check the operation of the valve spring and variable speed pump is damaged. When the pressure normal Wheel Loader can not walk or work weakness, front axle axle broken, if you remove the front drive shaft, will not walk, you can explain the rear axle axle break.

In the actual work, the Wheel Loader often can not start such as failure, as an operator, first of all to determine the mechanical system which part of the fault, ① oil in the water or fuel system in the air, ② start system failure , ③ the cylinder pressure is insufficient, ④ early injection of the gun ahead or too late ⑤ with gas phase is not ⑥ ambient temperature is too low and so on.

In the work should pay attention to the smoke and smoke changes, black smoke, white smoke, take the blue smoke and the oil table, pressure gauge, thermometer changes. ZL50 domestic Wheel Loader and the United States CAT9920 Wheel Loader use comparison, domestic Wheel Loader price is low, easy to buy parts, easy maintenance, but the mechanical properties and quality is far less than Carter CAT. ZL50 domestic Wheel Loader under the arm of a pinch, not installed dry grinding pin sets, in the water when the pin is easy to damage, increase the driver to fight the labor intensity of butter, butter loss. Brake system should always be carefully checked, brake brake disc piston easy to rust, affecting the braking performance, easy to cause security incidents. Do not violate the operating procedures, improve the level of skills, reasonable maintenance of machinery and equipment, in the construction will be able to play a mechanical use efficiency, safe construction.

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