Wheel Loader More Suitable For Hand Operation And Use

- Oct 30, 2017 -

When the Wheel Wheel Loader turns to the system, there are a few points to meet, and the wheel Wheel Wheel Loader should have the correct movement law when it turns to drive. It is required to design the steering trapezoid structure rationally so as to ensure that there is no sideslip in the steering wheel of both sides of the machine. Maximize the deflection angle of the inner steering to reduce the minimum steering radius and improve the maneuverability of the machine. And it is necessary to work reliably, the steering system has great relation with the driving safety of wheel Wheel Wheel Loader, so its parts should have sufficient strength, rigidity and life, which is generally ensured by reasonable selection of materials and structure. The second is the operation of light, rotating steering wheel should be as small as possible to reduce the operating strength of the operator, more conducive to safe work. In addition, the steering wheel should have a sense of road; Steering system adjustments should be as small and simple as possible, which is more suitable for hand operation and use.

When it comes to this, we have to mention the common breakdowns of our Wheel Wheel Loaders at ordinary times. The Wheel Wheel Loader adopts a flow amplification steering system, which consists of a priority flow amplification valve and a full hydraulic steering gear. Generally, there are two cases of heavy steering, one is the steering wheel is heavy, the other is the steering wheel is flexible, and the whole machine turns heavy.

The steering wheel is usually heavy. Should check the pressure of the pilot system, pipe connection and pipe joints, and so on.

The steering wheel is flexible, and the whole machine turns heavy, which is usually caused by the malfunction of the steering system.

A qualified steering system can reduce hand a lot of labor, so choosing a reliable steering gear will have a positive impact on our work, and it is exactly what we need.

The gearbox is one of the important transmission parts of the wheel Wheel Wheel Loader, it acts as the speed and torque transmitted from the engine to the final drive system, changes the ratio between the engine and the wheel, completes the Wheel Wheel Loader's marching and back-stop operation, and can complete the power to intercept the moving equipment under the condition of the engine operation, In order to be accustomed to Wheel Wheel Loader operations and travel requirements, easy engine start-up and parking safety.

However, in the process of Wheel Wheel Loader operation, because of improper use and maintenance of the gearbox has been a high rate of fault, especially in the use of strict compliance with repair maintenance procedures, lack of timely viewing and normal maintenance, will speed up the transmission of damage and fault components, and even expand the harm of the results of defects.

I. Intention to prevent sexual conservation

1, after the Wheel Wheel Loader operation of the stalking view, planned downtime, the maintenance of a good gearbox and repair organization.

2, prevent the primary mechanical defects and related parts of the damage, before the fault initiation to repair, in order to save a lot of repair costs.

3, so that the machine parts have a long use of the stature, improve the efficiency of the machine platform, adhere to outstanding operational functions.

4, reduce the difficulty of repair and operation.


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