Wheel Loader Operation And Skills In Construction

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Each industry has its characteristics and application skills, to achieve good skills level, first of all should have a good professional ethics and professionalism, motivated, studious. As a special industry loader driving operators, in addition to the above professional ethics and professionalism,Wheel Loader should pay attention to the following aspects of learning.

The main parts, system name, structure, working principle use, correctly determine the parts, system failures and exclusions, to be able to see, listen, smell, touch, feel and other skills to determine the failure level.

Determine which system or part of the failure or will occur, should be done in advance maintenance, overhaul, maintenance, reduce mechanical loss and repair costs.

The skill level of a loader operator can be seen in the construction of difficult and dangerous sections. For example, in a large pile of 6 m-high sand, loading confidential from the bottom of a road to open to the top, it looks very simple, but not a certain skill level loader operation driver will not be able to drive up, this principle with the car in the landslide surface walking, the same performance of vehicles,Wheel Loader some drivers can easily drive up, And some drivers lost fuel and tires but can not go up, because the latter driver walking route to find bad, and then throttle control is not good. In Shanghai Pudong Airport Apron Concrete pouring construction, because several heads of state to attend the meeting in Shanghai, the time is tight, request two corps and one navigation bureau within two months of time to complete their respective tasks. Construction at the same time, one board with 2 loaders and a bulldozer feed, but it is not as good as the province technical expert Archie opened a loader feed,Wheel Loader empty two corps ahead of the completion of concrete apron pouring, the main experience in hand, a good technical experts, not only the level of operation skills to be high, but also understand the construction site layout, construction processes, To repair a large pile of finished materials on the road to walk, the reserves of gravel piled high, heap, heap from the feed mouth near, so that the loader at work, can play the greatest efficiency.

Dangerous, high altitude, easy to collapse lot construction operation, should do their own protection and prevention measures, such as unloading surface, with ballast to do the protective wall, shovel high altitude materials, should be repaired the slope of the face, not add throttle, a hanging back can be in time to retreat, and so that the high gravel and dirt collapse can be evacuated in a timely manner. Easy collapse area construction should pay attention to the walking part compaction and face slope, with gravel, Earth fill. In the long slope section of the driving, operation due to ensure the work pressure.

Operation and use of wheel loader in construction operation and skill of wheel loader in construction

In the actual operation, depending on the construction site, the terrain to put bucket angle, light pedal accelerator straight line slowly moving forward, enter, with feel, foot throttle control feeling, vision and listen to the sound control throttle and speed, cut into the heap,Wheel Loader so as not to shovel bucket and material pile of hard objects, the introduction of parts damage, work maintenance before and after the bridge four-wheel drive, so as to avoid the single bridge stress, The size of the helical gears is damaged by too much load. When the shovel full bucket should be on the brakes, hang back, so as not to ① bucket oil cylinder head break or connecting bolts pulled off. ② rotary bucket Oil cylinder ear seat joint bearing damage. ③ piston rod END thread pull or groove nut son off teeth.

Do not shovel full bucket loader high walk, otherwise easy to cause side turn accident. Shovel operation, should be the work of the production area Kepen,Wheel Loader loading when the resistance is too large, do not arbitrarily increase the throttle, otherwise easy to damage the motive, and waste oil, to master the shovel loading operation of the line and angle, like chopping wood will find the lines.

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